Sharp ‘n Set (manual sharpener and tooth-setter)

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The Timbery Sharp’n Set is an all-in-one sharpener and a tooth setter. Sharpen and set your blades without moving the blade to multiple machines. It can handle 32 mm – 38 mm blades and has many adjustable features for precision and flexibility. Sharpening is performed by manually lowering the CBN grinding wheel to sharpen the tooth. Then the blade is advanced for the next tooth. Teeth are set from both sides of the blade at once, so no blade inversion is needed. The Sharp’n Set is a simple and effective way to save money and keep your blades ready for sawing. A tooth set gauge, oil and grinding wheels are available as well.

*CBN Grinding Wheel is not included in the set and must be ordered separately.

SNS20-100S / Features

Adjustable tooth pusher for fine tuning.

Electric box with operator controls.

Adjustable blade support brackets.

Adjustable for various blade widths.


More Information
Part Number SNS20-100S
Motor Electric 1 phase; 12V DC; 0.14 HP
Power 1 phase; 115/230 V AC; 5.0/2.5
Wheel RPM 3700 RPM
Controls Manual
Blade capacity 32 mm - 38 mm
Grinding Wheel CBN Grinding wheel 127 mm (5") (not included in the set)
Coolant Mineral oil, type ACP-1E
Size of device 552 mm x 491 mm x 302 mm
Weight Net/Gross 37 kg / 46 kg
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