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Gas Engine

9.5 HP or 14 HP Gas Engine.


4 kW or 5.5 kW Electric Motor.


A new, stronger mast design provides even more stability during sawing.

Power roller

Turning the crank moves the head up or down precisely.


Track sweepers effectively remove sawdust from the bed rails.

Power roller

Quick-set log rests can be adjusted by hand.


Adjustable blade wheels.

Power roller

Quick-set log clamp.


High quality blade guide rollers.

Power roller

Blade tension system with proper tension indicator.


Easy-to-activate blade engagement lever ensures proper drive belt tension.

Power roller

Ships on a single pallet.

M120 Sawmill

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€ 3 250 € 2 925

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The Timbery M120 sawmill is an entry-level sawmill that fits the needs of hobby sawyers, woodworkers and small woodlot owners. This sawmill comes standard with everything you would need to start sawing logs that are 660 mm diameter and 3.8 m long. To secure the log for sawing, the bed is equipped with 2 short and 2 tall quick-set log rests, and 1 quick-set cam action log clamp allowing for a 25 mm final cut. The cutting length can easily be extended to any length by adding 1.52 m bed extensions.

The M120 sawhead is easily pushed down the bed rails with a sturdy push bar and has a manual head crank to accurately set the blade height. We designed the M120 with the sawyer in mind with all adjustments to the sawhead conveniently made from the operator’s location. The M120 also features a new stronger mast and sawhead design allowing for better stability while sawing.