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Automatic Sharpener, 1x230V, 50Hz, CE

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Part Number BS250AS
Motor Electric 1 phase; 0.18 kW; 1.5 A; CE
Power 1 x 230 V AC, 50Hz
Wheel RPM 2800 RPM
Controls Automatic
Blade capacity 25 mm – 50 mm
Tool (optional) CBN Grinding wheel 127 mm (5")
Coolant mineral oil, type ACP-1E
Size of device 627 mm x 845 mm x 590 mm
Size with arms 2111 mm x 1254 mm x 590 mm
Weight Net/Gross 83 kg / 90 kg


The BS250AS blade sharpener is ideal for the sawyer looking to invest in a high quality, automatic sharpener that can sharpen blades regularly and reliably for a timber cutting business. The BS250AS automatically sharpens blades according to a set number of teeth. It features an auto shut-off, and a variable speed feed rate controlled from the control panel. An oil wiper pads clean excess oil off the blade automatically. The BS250AS uses 127 mm full profile CBN grinding wheels, which come in various profiles, and are ready to sharpen. An oil lubrication system keeps the blade cool during grinding, and magnets attract the metal filings, cleaning the oil for reuse. The blade height platform is easily adjusted to manage blades from 25 mm to 50 mm wide.


Cover with fume extraction port

Arms with adjustable blade support brackets

Power feed with tooth pusher

Electric box with operator controls